Equipments and services

Our equipment represents cutting-edge technology, which enables us to produce at the highest quality. We also have a versatile transport fleet, which allows flexible logistic solutions.


We have vehicles equipped with cranes. The maximum lifting and transport capacity is 4.85 ton. For heavier loads we use hired vehicles.


In the production facilities in Tornio there are six bridge cranes with a maximum capacity of 32 ton. In addition, there are fifteen 2-ton boom cranes.


We wash the equipment in two chamber washers (washing capacity 3 ton each). Machines larger than that are pressure-washed.


Washed machines are dried in a vacuum dryer. The drying capacity is 5 ton per hour.


We apply the furnace treatment to remove old windings in an environmentally safe way without damaging the stator core.

Impregnation ovens

We have two impregnation ovens for drying and hardening wound components.
The capacity of the larger oven is 32cubic metres.

Scheduled maintenance

We carry out line maintenance and larger maintenance packages as agreed. Contact us for more information.


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