Electromechanical repair

Our customisable repair services for industrial enterprises cover all electromechanical equipment. Our core competencies include windings, gearboxes, alignments and various measurements.
We base our services on trust, cost-efficient work and delivering on time. We repair and maintain electric motors, pumps, lifting equipment, fans, magnets, hydropower plants, hydraulic systems and gearboxes.

Winding expertise

We are a unique operator in Finland in that we are experts not only in winding but also in all related processes. We have a 25-person winding team and, thanks to our flexible approach, we can deliver at a very short notice. We repair all makes and sizes—including special builds.

Gearbox maintenance

We service and repair gearboxes of major brands with competence brought by solid experience.
The maximum weight of a gearbox hoisted in one lift is 32 ton. With our mobile lifting equipment we can handle loads that are even heavier than that.
We have certificates from several gearbox manufacturers. We service the gearboxes of all manufacturers, such as Bauer, Nordgear, Flender, Sumitomo, Hansen, Motox, Santasalo, SEW and Benzler.


We carry out laser alignments with Optalign laser equipment.


We offer measurement expertise and the latest technology e.g. for servomotor measurements.


We offer repair, measurement and adjustment services for power electronics.


All repaired equipment, machines and parts are carefully finished before leaving our workshop. We paint equipment in our own paint shop so that it is as good as new when delivered to the customer.



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